Victoria Maternity Doctors

Who We Are

Mother and BabyVictoria Maternity Doctors is a group of experienced female physicians who share maternity and hospital care at the Victoria General Hospital. We have worked together for many years and share a philosophy of safe, compassionate and supportive practice, so you can be assured that you will receive consistent care and advice throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

Most of us have offices where you will be seen for your regular prenatal appointments. There is always one of us on call 24 hours a day, either by phone or at the hospital for urgent maternity issues as well as labour and delivery.

You can reach the doctor on call after office hours for urgent care by calling (250) 590-4884 and leaving a brief voice mail. When needed, we work closely with a team of obstetricians, pediatricians and anesthetists that are in hospital 24 hours a day.

We all look forward to being a part of the exciting experience ahead of you.

When To Call

We are available to all of our patients on call 24 hours a day for urgent maternity concerns.

You may reach us by calling (250) 590-4884 and leaving a brief voice mail.

This number is also available on each of our office’s answering machines, if you call after-hours. We usually respond to calls quickly, but occasionally we are tied up in a delivery. Please call us again if we have not called back within 30 minutes.

If you have an emergency concern such as heavy vaginal bleeding or severe pain, please go directly to the hospital. If you are less than 20 weeks please go to the Emergency Room at the Victoria General Hospital or to Labour and Delivery at the Victoria General Hospital if you are greater than 20 weeks. For less urgent bleeding concerns, please call the doctor on call.

We prefer that you call either your maternity doctor, or the doctor on call, with any health concerns, rather than seeking care at a walk-in Clinic or calling the Nurses Help Line.

If you are concerned about a reduction in your baby’s movements, please call the doctor on call and we can arrange to assess your baby’s health at Labour and Delivery.

If you are preterm (less than 37 weeks), and you think that you are going into labour, please call the doctor on call. If you are at term, and think you are in early labour with a first baby, it is generally recommended that you come into hospital once the contractions are regular, about 3-4 minutes apart, and usually lasting 45 seconds or longer.

If you are known to be Group B Strep positive and your water breaks, even without contractions, you need to come to Labour and Delivery for your first dose of IV antibiotics. If your water breaks and you are Group B Strep negative, you may generally stay at home to await contractions as long as the fluid is clear or pink-tinged and as long as the baby is moving normally.

Please call the doctor on call in the morning to discuss when you should come into Labour and Delivery. If the fluid is green or bloody, you should head into Labour and Delivery directly. If you have a history of rapid labours, or if you feel that labour is progressing rapidly, please head directly to Labour and Delivery.

Our Doctors

All of the physicians in our group are active teachers for both the UBC Island Medical Program and for the UBC Family Medicine Residency Program. We truly appreciate the opportunity to teach the future generations of physicians and are thankful for the willingness of our patients to assist in the learning. We often have students and residents working with us in our offices and at the hospital. We always support our patients in their decision whether to have learners involved in their care and always ensure a high standard of care.

Name Phone
Dr. Shireen Alam (250) 592-2219
Dr. Susan Amundsen (250) 727-2663
Dr. Kendra Daniel (250) 592-6988
Dr. Donna Doyle (250) 592-6988
Dr. Eunice Fast (250) 727-9664
Dr. Elizabeth Grant (250) 592-3220
Dr. Judy Jones (250) 727-2663
Dr. Suzi Leggatt (250) 727-9664
Dr. Nancy Mcleod (250) 727-6336
Dr. Darcy Nielsen (250) 592-2219

Address / Contact Info

235 - 3066 Shelbourne Street Victoria, BCV8R 6T9

Phone Numbers

Doctor on Call / Urgent Care Team : (250) 590-4884

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This program was last updated on 08 Mar 2017.