BC Employment and Assistance

The ministry has a responsibility to ensure that its limited resources go to those people who need them most. That is why applicants are expected to take advantage of all other sources of income and assets before qualifying.

If you are interested in applying for BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA), their website provides important and useful information you will need to proceed including a Self Serve Assessment and Application – to help determine if you are eligible and what you might receive. 

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Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

Phone Numbers

Automated Telephone Inquiry : 1-866-866-0800
Telephone Device for the Deaf : 1-800-661-8773

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Languages spoken: English

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Other Programs from This Organization

Bus Pass Program The BC Bus Pass Program offers a reduced cost, annual bus pass for low income seniors and individuals receiving disability assistance from the Province of British Columbia. Passes are valid in communities serviced by BC Transit or TransLink. The pass is only valid for the eligible rider and is non-transferable. Handy Dart is not included in this program.
Income Assistance (For Seniors Not Receiving Old Age Security) If you are 65 or over and not eligible for the Old Age Security Pension (OAS) and its supplement (GIS), you may be eligible for income assistance from the Ministry of Social Development.
Medical Services Only Low-income seniors who have left provincial income assistance for federal income support may be eligible to receive coverage for costs associated with the Medical Services Plan, PharmaCare, basic dental, optical, and other approved medical supports.
Senior's Supplement The Senior's Supplement is a monthly payment to low-income seniors who are receiving federal Old Age Security (OAS) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) or federal Allowances.

This program was last updated on 24 Feb 2016.