Mental Health and Substance Use Services Intake

Adult MHSU Intake is the central intake service for all Island Health adult MHSU programs that require referral from a family physician or nurse practitioner (unless access and referral information is otherwise specified in the listing). The intake service provides screening, assessment, treatment recommendations, and referrals to Island Health services and external community programs in the Victoria area.

MHSU Programs are listed through the remainder of Section 2. If you are unsure what program to refer to, call to consult with an Intake worker at MH Services (250-519-3485) or SU services (250-213-4444).

Address / Contact Info

1125 Pembroke Street Victoria, BCV8T 1J3
Self-referral for Substance Use Services is initiated by attending in person at Substance Use Intake at 1125 Pembroke Street, between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm daily and arranging for an appointment to discuss service options.

Phone Numbers

Mental Health Services : (250) 519-3485
Substance Use Services : (250) 213-4444
Mental Health Fax : (250) 381-3222

Service Details

Referral protocol: physician
Referral criteria: Mental Health Programs require a referral from family physician or nurse practitioner.

Referrals from Island Health services can be sent online via Pathways. Clients referred this way will also be required to attend in person, please phone the Intake team to alert them to the Pathways referral.
Age ranges served: adult 20+

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This program was last updated on 01 Nov 2016.