Rebalance MD

As part of our mission to provide the highest quality of services throughout the entire musculoskeletal care spectrum, we have assembled a comprehensive team of accomplished physicians and adjunct health professionals from the fields of orthopaedics, physiatry, and physiotherapy into a single allied group practice focused on excellence.

Our Team: 

Orthopaedic Surgery:

Dr. Stephen Burnett, Dr. Peter Dryden, Dr. Duncan Jacks, Dr. Colin Landells, Dr. Ralph Lapp, Dr. Sonja Mathes, Dr. Patrick McAllister, Dr. Charles Nelson, Dr. Michael O'Neill, Dr. Norgrove Penny, Dr. Lucas R. Pugh, Dr. Michael Stanger, Dr. James Stone, Dr. Eric Torstensen, Dr. A. E. (Dal) Wahl, Dr. Brent Weatherhead, Dr. Bruce Yoneda, Dr. Zane Zarzour

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

Dr. James Filbey, Dr. Todd Yip

Internal Medicine:

Dr. Laura Farrell

Osteoporosis Medicine:

Dr. Jesse Pewarchuk

Sports Medicine:

Dr. Richard Backus, Dr. Alex Brothers, Dr. Stu Gershman, Dr. Alain LeBlanc, Dr. Padraig McCluskey

New Joint Program Navigators:

Julie Clarke, Britta Henly, Gisele Morrow, Paula Sanglap Bono, Lisa Yakielashek


Andrew Berk, Matthew Jackson, Stefan Fletcher (CEO), Chris May, Nadir Mawji, Trevor Millar, Jordon Monks, Patricia Roney, John Shaver, Ben White

Splinting, Bracing, Orthotics:

Marc Henly

Pain Psychologist:

Christopher Dunn



Address / Contact Info

Rebalance Musculoskeletal Care Ltd
#104 - 3551 Blanshard Street Victoria, BCV8X 1X2
Access off of Blanshard St, southbound only, south of Ravine Way. Turn right off Blanshard, head up ramp towards Shoppers Drug Mart and RBC. At the top of the ramp, turn right and RebalanceMD is directly ahead, by the clock tower, on the same level as Shoppers and two levels above Walmart. Parking is free and is limited to 4 hours.

Phone Numbers

Phone : (250) 940-4444
Fax : (250) 385-9600

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Other Programs from This Organization

Backus, Dr. Richard Sports Medicine
Burnett, Dr. Robert Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Burnett, Dr. Stephen Orthopedics:Orthopedic Surgeons
Dryden, Dr. Peter Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Filbey, Dr. James Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (EMG, Orthopedics:Physical Medicine and Rehab).
Gershman, Dr. Stu Sports Medicine
Jacks, Dr. Duncan Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Landells, Dr. Colin Orthopedics:Orthopedic Surgeons
Lapp, Dr. Ralph Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
LeBlanc, Dr. Alain Orthopedics:Sports Medicine
Mathes, Dr. Sonja Orthopedics:Orthopedic Surgeons
McAllister, Dr. Patrick Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
McCluskey, Dr. W. Padraig Sports Medicine
Nelson, Dr. Charles Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
O'Neill, Dr. Michael Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Penny, Dr. Norgrove Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery (Sports Medicine).
Pugh, Dr. Lucas Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Stone, Dr. James Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Torstensen, Dr. Eric Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Wahl, Dr. Adalbert Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Weatherhead, Dr. Brent Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery (Peds).
Yip, Dr. Todd Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Orthopedics:Foot, Leg and Ulcer Clinic).
Yoneda, Dr. Bruce Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.
Zarzour, Dr. Zane Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery.

This program was last updated on 26 Feb 2016.