Take Heart Exercise Program

The Cardiac Risk Reduction / Rehabilitation Program is offered by Island Health, physicians and affiliated organizations. Our team of  cardiologists, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, pharmacists, social workers and psychiatrists work with patients and families to achieve cardiac rehab goals.

The goal  of this program is to help patient's manage their heart health to the best of their ability. This is achieved through:

  • Medical assessment by a cardiologist
  • Education about heart disease and healthy lifestyles
  • Creating a plan to reduce cardiovascular disease
  • Exercise guidance to improve overall fitness
  • Take Heart & Breathe Well Program
  • Heart to Heart & Heart Matters  

Take Heart & Breathe Well Program

Take Heart & Breathe Well is a 12 week supervised cardiac exercise program that may benefit people who have had a heart event or who have heart health risk factors. A doctor's referral is required and there is a cost for this program. It is offered at:

South Island:

  • Henderson Recreation Centre - 2291 Cedar Hill X Rd., Victoria
    Phone: 250-370-7200; Fax: 250-595-7607

  • Panorama Recreation Centre - 1885 Forest Park Dr., N. Saanich
    Phone: 250-655-2184; Fax: 250-656-3360

  • Saanich Commonwealth Place - 4636 Elk Lake Dr., Victoria
    Phone: 250-475-7619; Fax: 250-727-2649

  • West Shore Parks and Recreation - 1767 Island Hwy., Victoria
    Phone: 250-474-8694; Fax: 250-474-8650

  • YMCA-YWCA of Greater Victoria - 851 Broughton St., Victoria
    Phone: 250-418-1843; Fax: 250-380-1933

  • Sooke Health & Fitness - 6625-A Sooke Road, Sooke., BC
    Phone: 250-642-7111; Fax: 778-425-0015

  • Royal Jubilee Hospital (your physician makes a referral to Dr. Swiggum)
    952 Bay St., Victoria. Phone: 250-519-1601; Fax: 250-370-8267

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This program was last updated on 18 Mar 2016.