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Some of British Columbia's most trusted and recognized health information and services are consolidated at HealthLink BC. HealthLink BC brings together existing and reliable services that British Columbians count on for health information - Nursing Services, Dietitian Services, Pharmacist After Hours, HealthLink BC Files, and the BC HealthGuide Handbook - and expanded these with an online and phone service to help B.C. residents find the health resources and facilities they need, closest to where they live. HealthLink BC is the gateway to access non-emergency health information and services in British Columbia. It is a phone number, and it is a website; it is a collection of print and telephone resources that puts services and health know-how into the hands and homes of B.C. residents. Through HealthLink BC programs and services, you can get the information you need to manage your health concerns or those of your family. Translation services are available in over 130 languages, upon request.

Visit HealthLink BC's website for medically-approved information on more than 5,000 health topics and over 5,800 health services in a searchable database, along with reliable information on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. You can also find HealthLink BC Files, or fact sheets, on public health and safety topics. Any time of the day or night, every day of the year, British Columbians have trusted health information at their fingertips, just a phone call or a click away with HealthLink BC.

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Phone : 811 Toll-free
Toll-free : 711 (Deaf/hearing-impaired [TTY])


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BC HealthGuide To get a free copy of the guide, visit your local pharmacy, call 811, or visit the website to order from the Online Order Desk.
Dial a Dietitian Dietitian Nutrition
HealthLink BC Nurse, Pharmacist, Dietician Call Toll-free to consult with a nurse, pharmacist or dietician, or visit the HealthLink BC website for easy access to help you find the health services you need, closest to where you live.
Healthy Eating for Seniors The Healthy Eating for Seniors handbook provides information for seniors on what to pay attention to when it comes to food, meals, and supplements. It gives tips on how to eat to prevent or manage common chronic diseases. Healthy Eating for Seniors is also offered as an audio book in DAISY and MP3 format. The audio book is available online and in all B.C. public libraries.
Nutrition Information Dietitian Services at HealthLink BC

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