Allowance for the Survivor

If you are a spouse or common-law partner of someone receiving both Old Age Security (OAS) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), you may qualify for a benefit called the Allowance.\ The Allowance provides extra money to eligible low-income individuals aged 60 to 64. The benefit you receive will be based on the combined incomes of you and your spouse or common-law partner.\ If your spouse or common-law partner dies (or has died), and depending on your income, you may receive a benefit called the Allowance for the Survivor until you reach age 65.\ You must apply to receive the Allowance or the Allowance for the Survivor. Whether you are a new applicant or you already receive these benefits, your benefits will be renewed automatically each year, as long as you remain eligible and you file an annual income tax return on time.\ If you do not file your return on time, or if further information is needed, you will receive a renewal form in the mail. As your annual income may change from year to year, you must provide your income each year either by completing an application form or by filing your income tax return.\ For more information about the Allowance or about the Allowance for the Survivor, contact Service Canada, or visit their website.\ Phone2Label:French\ Phone (Deaf/hearing-impaired): 1-800-255-4786

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