Motor Vehicle Sales Authority Of British Columbia (VSA)

The Motor Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) of British Columbia is a not-for-profit independent agency created by legislation to administer the Motor Dealer Act, prescribed sections of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and related regulations under those Acts. The VSA licenses and regulates more than 1,700 motor dealers and over 7,000 sales professionals. The VSA Learning Division conducts mandatory certification courses for all persons who directly deal with consumers in retail vehicle sales in B.C.

Your Safety and Security - The VSA oversees consumer protection legislation applicable to licensed motor dealers, including standard setting and enforcement, complaint resolution, consumer protection and public industry education. The goal is a respected motor dealer industry serving an informed and confident public. For more information, please visit our website or call the numbers listed.

Phone Numbers

Toll-free : 1-877-294-9889
Vancouver : (604) 574-5050
Fax : (604) 294-9313


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This program was last updated on 24 Mar 2016.