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Community, Cultural, & Religious - Community Centres

Burnside Gorge Community Centre

The BGCA strives to provide a continuum of high quality programs and supports that strengthens the lives of children, youth and families throughout the Capital Regional District. Programming includes: a range of childcare programs for ages 3.5 to 11; a range of community and school based youth & family services; housing and asset development supports for youth and families; community recreation and special events for all ages; and a variety of community development initiatives.more info

Address / Contact Info
Burnside Gorge Community Association
471 Cecelia Road
, Victoria, BC, V8T 4T4
Phone: (250) 388-5251
Fax: (250) 388-5269
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Cook Street Village Activity Centre

This is your home for social, educational and recreational activities! We are open to people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds (yes, this means you!)more info

Address / Contact Info
1 - 380 Cook Street
, Victoria, BC, V8V 3X7
Phone: (250) 384-6542
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Fairfield Gonzales Community Association

Community centre and neighbourhood house which operates recreation and leisure programs for all age groups.more info

Address / Contact Info
1330 Fairfield Road
, Victoria, BC, V8S 5J1
Phone: (250) 382-4604
Fax: (250) 382-4613
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Fernwood Community Centre

The Fernwood Community Centre is a civic building operated by Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group (NRG) under an agreement with the City of Victoria. more info

Address / Contact Info
1240 Gladstone Avenue
, Victoria, BC, V8T 1G6
Phone: (250) 381-1552
Fax: (250) 381-1509
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Goward House

Goward House is a place where adults come together to meet friends, keep fit, learn new skills and refresh old ones in a warm and friendly environment.more info

Address / Contact Info
Goward House Society
2495 Arbutus Road
, Victoria, BC, V8N 1V9
Phone: (250) 477-4401
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Greenglade Community Centre/Panorama Rec

Greenglade Community Centre provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities and facilities including: pottery studio, weight and fitness room, mind and body studio, activity rooms, gymnasium, dance studio and teen lounge.more info

Address / Contact Info
Capital Regional District (CRD)
1209 Clarke Rd
, Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1P8
Phone: (250) 656-7055
Fax: (250) 656-3360
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James Bay Community School Centre

We offer a variety of programs and services designed to meet the diverse needs of our communitymore info

Address / Contact Info
140 Oswego St
, Victoria, BC, V8V 2B1
Phone: (250) 389-1470
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North Saanich Neighborhood of Learning

North Saanich Neighbourhood of Learning provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities and facilities including: Gymnasium, Multi-Purpose room, Fitness Studio, Classroom & Seminar rooms.more info

Address / Contact Info
Capital Regional District/Panorama Recreation
10475 McDonald Park Dr
, Sidney, BC, V8L 3H9
Phone: (250) 656-7271
Fax: (250) 656-3360
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Oaklands Community Centre

Oaklands Community Centre is a central hub of activity for the Oaklands Neighbourhood. We are proud to serve Oaklands, which encompasses the area between Cook Street, Haultain Street, Shelbourne Street and North Dairy Road. more info

Address / Contact Info
1-2827 Belmont Avenue
, Victoria, BC, V8R 4B2
Phone: (250) 370-9101
Fax: (250) 370-9102
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Quadra Village Community Centre

The Quadra Village Community Centre is a safe and welcoming gathering place in the vibrant and diverse neighbourhood of Hillside Quadra. We work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet the social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of the people in the heart of the city.more info

Address / Contact Info
901 Kings Rd
, Victoria, BC, V8T 1W5
Phone: (250) 388-7696
Fax: (250) 388-7607
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