Child, Youth and Family Mental Health (CYFMH) Intake

Island Health has a variety of services and programs for children and youth with mental health and substance use issues.

 All CYFMH Services require referrals from a family physician or a mental health clinician, except for the following, which anyone, including family members and the child or youth themselves, can refer to:

  • Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) team
  • Integrated Mobile Crisis Response Team  (IMCRT)
  • Youth & Family Substance Use Services

A fundamental criterion for intake is that the child or youth’s mental health needs have exceeded the resources of their community, including MCFD CYMH services (see next entry).

Once a referral is received by the Intake Team, it is screened and subsequently reviewed by a committee. The Intake Worker may contact the referring clinician for additional information.

To discuss a potential referral or obtain more information about services, contact CYFMHS Intake at (250) 519- 6794 or (250) 519-6720.

The Ledger Program

The Ledger Program is an island wide resource that provides acute, in-patient, hospital based psychiatric services for children and youth. We provide stabilization, assessment, treatment planning and short-term interventions for children and youth aged 6 to 16 years. Learn more about Ledger House in the Welcome brochures on the right.

Admissions are either (1) urgent or (2) planned.

1. Urgent Admissions

Special Care Unit (SCU)

Clients admitted to the Special Care Unit generally require urgent service and/or short-term stabilization for the following:

a. Florid psychosis
b. Active mania
c. Suicidal with previous, serious suicide attempts
d. Require intensive 24 hour monitoring

Locations Served

The Ledger program serves all VIHA children, youth and families.


Physicians and mental health clinicians can make referrals to the Special Care Unit. Please contact Intake at 250-519-6794 to discuss a potential referral to this unit (please see below for more detailed information about referrals).

2. Planned Admissions

Children's and Youth Units

Clients admitted to these two units require in-patient, multi-disciplinary, tertiary mental health assessment and treatment planning. Upon admission, clients must have a secure placement and community discharge plan in place.

1. Children's Unit - inpatient assessment, intervention and discharge planning for children ages 6-11 with complex psychiatric problems

2. Youth Unit - inpatient assessment, intervention and discharge planning for ages 12-16 with complex psychiatric problems

Locations Served

The Ledger Program serves all VIHA children, youth and families.


Physicians and mental health clinicians can make referrals to the above services.

Referrals for elective admissions to Ledger must meet eligibility criteria for a tertiary level service. This means that secondary level services, including both assessment and intervention, must be utilized by community based resources before a referral to CYFMHS services is considered. CYFMHS provides multidisciplinary assessment and specialized intervention for children and youth whose chronic and often acute mental health needs have exceeded the capacity of community resources.

The process for an elective admission to Ledger begins with the CYFMHS Referral Form (PDF), which can be initiated by a physician or a community-based mental health professional who is providing ongoing care. In order to be processed a referral must include the legal guardian’s signature, contact name and number and the contact information for the referral source.

When a referral form is received, the intake clinician then gathers collateral information which is presented to and reviewed by the Intake Review Committee twice per month. The Committee consists of psychiatry, administrative staff, and the intake clinicians. A decision is made to either accept the child/youth for the appropriate waitlist, or to decline the referral and make alternative recommendations for other resources or services.

To discuss a potential referral, or obtain more information on any of our services, please contact CYFMHS Intake at 250-519-6720 or 519-6794.

Please note: as we have limited bed capacity and need to be accessible and responsive to the whole VIHA catchment area, we are not able to provide:

  • Long term treatment services
  • Respite services
  • Residential placements

Program name (alternate):  Ledger House

Address / Contact Info

Island Health VIHA

Phone Numbers

Intake: (250) 519-6794
Phone: (250) 519-6720
Fax: (250) 519-6789

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Service Details

Referral protocolphysician, health professional
Age ranges servedchild 0-12, youth 13-19

This program was last updated on: 01 Nov 2016.