Saanich Parks and Recreation

Natural Environment The Department is the prime custodian of the parks and open space which, along with the rural lands, make up the majority of the natural land in Saanich. The OCP includes policies to ensure that climate change is addressed, ecosystems are protected in terms of their environmentally sensitive lands, their urban forests, their air and water quality and the protection of their natural habitats. Built Environment the Planning Department's major powers concern the built environment and it is not surprising that there is a strong focus on sustainable land use and the various powers and controls that the Planning Dept. has in order to deliver on its themes, which are as follows: growth management, energy consumption, building green; urban design, centres and villages, neighbourhoods, etc. Other aspects of the Built Environment include Parks, Trails and Open Space.

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770 Vernon Ave Victoria, BCV8X 2W7

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Phone: (250) 475-1775
Fax: (250) 475-5440

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Regular hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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