Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) provides a retirement pension and other benefits for those who have contributed to the plan through paid employment in Canada. The amount of CPP benefit is determined by the contributions you made during the time you were employed. The CPP is adjusted for inflation every January to keep up with increases in the cost of living. You must apply to receive CPP benefits; retirement benefits do not begin automatically unless you were in receipt of CPP disability benefits when you turned 65. Apply at least six months before you want your CPP pension to begin (normally the month after your 65th birthday). If you apply for CPP retirement benefits to begin early (age 60-64), you will receive a reduced pension; if you apply after age 65 and as late as age 70, you will receive an increased pension. If you apply for your pension to begin at age 65, you will receive your full pension amount with no increase or reduction. If you have lived or worked in another country that has a social security agreement with Canada, or if you are the surviving spouse or common-law partner of someone who has lived or worked in another country having a social security agreement with Canada, under this agreement you may be eligible for benefits from Canada or from the other country. If you have contributed to the CPP for the necessary number of years, the CPP also offers a one-time lump-sum death benefit to your estate upon your death. Furthermore, your spouse or common-law partner may be eligible to receive a monthly survivor pension. Dependent children up to the age of 25 may also be eligible for benefits (those between 18 and 25 must be attending school full-time). Please note that changes to the CPP are being phased in between 2011 and 2016. More information on these changes, and applications for CPP benefits, are available from any Service Canada office and on the Service Canada website. For more information about the CPP, contact Service Canada. Phone (Deaf/hearing-impaired): 1-800-255-4786

Phone Numbers

English: 1-800-277-9914
French: 1-800-277-9915

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This program was last updated on: 22 Feb 2016.