Federal and Provincial Non-Refundable Tax Credits (CRA)

The following information describes tax credits that may be available to you when you prepare and submit your annual income tax and benefit return.

Age amount: In addition to the basic personal amount, if you turned 65 during the year (or are older), you may be entitled to claim the age amount, which allows eligible seniors a non-refundable tax credit to reduce their income tax payable. Your eligibility and the amount you can claim are based on your net income.

Pension income amount: If you receive pension income, superannuation, or annuity payments, you may be able to claim the pension income amount, an allowable amount for certain pension incomes. Your qualifying pension income amount will be used in determining the total non-refundable tax credits used to reduce your federal income tax.

Amounts transferred from spouse: Your spouse may be able to transfer to you amounts that he or she qualifies for but does not need to reduce his or her federal income tax to zero. For example: the age amount, pension income amount or the disability amount.

Pension income splitting: You may also want to explore the idea of splitting your eligible pension income with your spouse or common-law partner. Using income splitting, your spouse or common-law partner may be able to transfer up to half of their pension income to you for income tax purposes. For more information about pension income splitting, please refer to your income tax guide or call the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

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This program was last updated on: 23 Feb 2016.